Full design and execution

Assured was an experiment on the future of financial health. It brought together emerging technologies and standard practices to build a fully holistic financial planning app that allowed you to preview your future more clearly than ever. Supporting a vision in the Metaverse, with Crypto, Web3 and all the other currently popular buzzwords, Assured should have a future future forward look with a familiar and trusting feel.

The timeline for the Brand part of this project was no joke. We started with about 1 hour of work as an internal placeholder to move quickly designing other assets.

This logo was temporary. Now it was time to take another look with a much longer timeframe: just one week.


We need a simple brand for public facing work and we need it yesterday.

The original project had a quick and dirty logo. I was asked to updated and bring the quality up to something we'd be happy to share in public. I focused on keeping the brand familiar and trustworthy while hinting at some of the neo-futuristic design that's dominating the Web3 brand world.

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With a one week timespan I quickly explored a variety of typefaces that pushed the balance between old and new. For colors I knew we wanted to lean in to the feel of today, the retro-futuristic colors that Hollywood and video games have provided us with for years. Deep purples, neons, and glows.

After exploring, we pulled back to something that represented the variety of the technology in the company while maintaining a trustworthy look. This was a place to see your future, connect with it, and explore how your decisions today impact your vision for the future. We wanted you to rest assured, but with excitement for what's coming. The team started to land on a direction.

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The final result was chosen to represent what we were trying to accomplish as a team.

A fluid, infinite cycle of financial possibilities using the full spectrum of innovative and time tested technologies.

It felt trustworthy and serious, but colorful and full of promise. Having a mark that complemented the letter 'A' through symmetry helped make the mark memorable when you were looking for Assured in a sea of other brand marks and icons. The whole process was a bit of a whirlwind but it was fun to push and see what we could come up with in a short time and a lot of stakeholders.

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