An image of a video chat client
A screenshot of a productivity app, beautifully designed
Screenshot of a tool to summarize a pdf using generative AI.
A super cool 3D rendering of a mini model of a burning man camp called hack a cola. It looks like a miniature version of a 1950's soda shop.
a 3D rendering of a beautiful walnut mid-centur
A screenshot of a productivity app, beautifully designed
An image of eatsa's colorful branding on a variety of products including stickers, business cards, and letterhead.
A colorful screenshot of a customize experience for a food automation app

0 → 1 design leader. I use motion, brand, product design and camera skills to empower teams and find the best approach for making complex stories feel simple.

An image of Bryan smiling on a carousel in Florence, Italy.


Every problem requires a different process and approach. I'm comfortable with uncertainty and enjoy leading creative and leadership teams to do our best work together.

I work with innovative brands...

...building a robust skill set.

2D / 3D Motion Design

Lately I've been focused fully on 2D and 3D Motion Design. From marketing materials to in-app motion, I've helped organizations understand that value of motion design and guided them through finding a motion voice and framework.

Product Design and Prototyping

My original career focus, I've spent over fifteen years focused heavily on software and experience driven design. I've built countless of prototypes, apps, websites, kiosks, interactive stores and people focused experiences.

Brand and Marketing

Starting with a generalist design degree, I've rounded out my expertise with Brand Development, Marketing and Copywriting projects. I've guided companies through full rebrands and helped write and market products with visual storytelling.

Video Production and Photography

Originally a hobby, I've invested a lot of my free time into learning videography and photography skills. My passion has grown into a skillset that has been valuable in my career both when creating work and when providing Art Direction.

Leadership and Management

Having been on a design team of 100 and a team of 1, I've seen a lot of different approaches to being a good design leader and a good manager. I've been lucky enough to pick from the best to build amazing teams and supportive environments. While I'm very open to more in the future, I'm currently most excited about building.

Team Building and Creative Facilitation

Being a strong designer doesn't only mean shipping great products. I love investing in others around me. I've led a variety of team and career building workshops, worked with leadership on design centric product development, and been a champion for design process and thinking whenever it can add value.