Solo project

Headroom aimed to be the future of virtual meetings. More than just video chat, headroom supported ai driven note taking, meeting summaries and searchable recordings to help companies take the work out of meetings. There were in meeting collaboration tools and a post meeting summary that allowed you to interact with meeting recordings and events revisiting key decisions and giving an interactive home to make sure that decisions were never lost.

Our first big update involved quite a few new features, and we wanted an engaging way to share the announcement.


"We need some visuals highlighting our new features for launch, and FAST."

We had a series of new features to launch on Product Hunt. We wanted a quick teaser video along with social media assets to help explain the features one at a time. It needed to be peppy, upbeat and exciting enticing users to visit our product and test them out. While I was busy wrapping up the product work for the features themselves, I was asked to put together some marketing materials to support the launch.

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I used this project as an opportunity to evolve the brand while defining a bit more of an animation framework for marketing materials. It also gave me an opportunity to flex my marketing copywriting skills. I wanted to highlight product features in a clear way that felt grounded and representative of what you'll see in the actual product while making sure it was illustrative enough to explain what's going on in potentially small images.

We wanted to use a series of images, video and gifs to highlight each feature in the best way possible depending on where the marketing materials are showing up. This included Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, News articles, and the Product Hunt Carousel.

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I used the video assets to refine and provide some interesting alternate takes that felt more appropriate as standalone gifs made to compliment context and copy provided elsewhere on the page such as a Tweet, Post or article content.

In addition to images and gifs, we wanted to make sure we had a shareable video for when a full end to end story would make the most sense.

Feedback was great, the CEO was constantly asked which company had made the assets and he could proudly say "our in-house designer."

Check them out in context:

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