Design and collaborative execution

Fur Insure is a Pet Insurance DAO that explores what new technology may unlock in insurance related companies. This was a super fun brand to work with. Large photos of pets, 3D elements, and a retro-futurist style gave plenty of room to explore.

At the same time, partners on other brand projects in the studio were building email templates and building out their notification frameworks. While I was asked to design email headers for Fur Insure, I recognized this as an opportunity to build out a framework and standardize all projects email and notification systems.

Since these were small and scrappy teams, everyone welcomed the idea of one system to manage a wide variety of brands emails.


"We need header images to make the emails less boring."

Having to constantly build up email systems from scratch for each new brand, emails often get forgotten about and deprioritized. They rarely have go through a full product process yet they're a part of a system that every user sees. We need a framework that we can use across brands for email layout and copy that allow each brand to shine and that helps make sure we don't forget any during the build process.

We also need unique email headers for Fur Insure, the rest of the brands can stay as is for now. Feel free to have fun with it, there's no guidance on how the emails should look other than somewhat close to the brand. If possible, let's try and keep language to a minimum and scalable, only needing changes as an opportunity to inject brand voice.

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Working with the team, we through brainstorming we laid out a list of all the emails we could need in our current product offering. A huge amount of content was produced and I worked with the team to cut down to a reasonable amount, rewriting and condensing as much as possible. Going through all the variations of content, we built a base template that would fit a variety of needs, and began to populate each one.

We explored some visual stylings for Fur Insure but very quickly decided that the best thing to do to match the brand would be to create new 3D assets from scratch to interact with the pet images to create a cohesive visual voice for the product emails.

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After exploring a variety of shapes, colors, objects, and image pairings, we chose a series that felt cohesive and on brand, with a little bit of unique surprise in each one. Each gif spoke specifically to each emails content, helping tell the story visually as well as in detail in the body of the email. We found that minimal motion let the viewer focus on the content of the email while still having some visual interest to draw them in and surprise with delight. A little bit of motion plus interaction with high quality pet photography was a recipe for success. Given the ask was so open ended, the lead designer was wonderfully excited with where we ended up with a number of email headers.

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