Full design and execution

[Note: Only a section of the video is available on my portfolio]

Variable is an innovation team inside of a larger organization focused on experimenting with future technologies, working to prototype and test ideas about where the world is headed. Before launching to the wider organization, I was asked to put together a teaser video that builds excitement and interest in the new team.

I was tapped about two weeks before launch, asking what we could put together that highlight our focus areas and get the wider organization excited to learn more about our team.


"We need some motion materials to help liven up the launch of a new brand inside the organization."

Through brainstorm it's decided that we want it to convey a mysterious, exciting, and futuristic tone. The goal of the team is innovation; focusing on exploring and experimenting with future technologies to help guide and prepare the larger organization for what's coming.

AI, Web3, Insurtech, Healthtech, Fintech, Metaverse and basically all of today's buzzwords should be incorporated as the various horizons that the team is currently focused on. We'd like it to draw questions and entice users to imagine how our focus may help empower them to build for a better future. The brand had futuristic retro vibes, and it was important to carry over the brand style into the video.

One key point: the brand was still being developed and explored by others on the team.

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A quick turnaround means diving right into incredibly rough storyboarding and animatic, trying to share ideas early and often with the team and stakeholders. Roughly listing out some ideas to represent the different team focus areas, I quickly began style explorations and searching for the right music to represent the brand.

Moving quickly called for juggling a variety of things at once. Building different models with different levels of detail, the goal was to iterate on a style quickly enough that would allow for render time and feedback cycles. At the same time we were exploring different visual styles, we were collaborating with the working team and Comms team to find the right language for each area of focus.

As the style choices were wrapping up, music was chosen and I began work on 2D intro and ending [not shown on my public portfolio] while continuing to refine models.

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About two weeks later we had come to a consensus on a style, tone, music and motion. The video was shared internally with the company and we got a ton of amazing feedback. It rounded out the launch strategy started conversations about what the team was focused on and where different teams could get involved. The video helped set context that this team was rather different than the rest of the organization while being supported within it.

A glass aesthetic for a retro futuristic styling, learning from the past to build the future. A dark and mysterious texture that feels polished and refined. A floating movement and depth of field to mimic the expansive worlds that will be explored in the Metaverse.

This all came together with questions that represent the teams focus while being accessible to create an exciting and polished teaser.

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