Solo project

Headroom was a video conferencing app that had a lot of AI powered features to help run meetings more smoothly and help alleviate zoom fatigue. When we were ready to launch our 1.0, we put together a few videos of user reactions to use as promotional materials. This one was a generalist "Wow, you gotta try it out" video.


We need you to put your video skills to use on a video that builds excitement with potential users.

We had a series of user testing that needed to be done, and thought doing longer user interviews and product demos on camera would both allow us to get meaningful insights while gathering material for a highlight reel of real life reactions of people using the product for the first time.

This was exciting for many reasons, including that photography and videography are big passions of mine. It was a great opportunity to really show how flexible my creative skills are and use all of the equipment I've slowly acquired over the years.

Another tech company was kind enough to offer us their office space for a few days. I brought in and ran lighting, video, audio, and the interview as a one man show with a series of users. We put together a script of testing, a few open ended questions, and put the set together in front of a green screen to allow for as much flexibility as possible later on.

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This project was so much fun. Using camera motion, high quality audio capture and a scrapped together lighting setup we were able to film a fairly consistent look that we could catalogue into different reactions and conversations around each feature. When figuring out how we wanted to represent the product, we decided to mix a hybrid of video inside the UI as well as floating representation of what the users are seeing on their screen. It helped show off the product and features while focusing on the human reaction element. After a few days of shooting I dove into Premiere Pro and After Effects, keying out the backgrounds and laying out the loose video for the narrative. A large portion of the time was spent categorizing and labeling footage so we could quickly put together a full suite of videos focused on different topics. Unfortunately much of that work never got to see the light of day after some changes in company leadership in the middle of the project.

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While some of the project was cut short, this video was used countless times to help support our story with investors, consumers, and future employees. It was a simple way to get people excited about a product that was often just seen as a zoom competitor, and helped showcase some of the unique features and directions that we were taking the product.

One thing I love about small teams is the ability to flex every creative muscle I have.

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