Solo project

While working at a larger company, the people ops department would host a talent show every year. To support teams that were remote, the talent show would be presented thorugh pre-recorded footage. My boss came to me with a simple idea — recreating a scene from The Office with a metaverse twist. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to pull out my camera again, and with a 2 day turnaround we got to work fast.


Let's make an Office parody for the company talent show.

We asked our immediate team to get together for about 30min to quickly shoot and re-create a scene from The Office TV show. We thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to introduce our lighter side to the company with a quick and dirty silly video, and while everyone was skeptical the video was very well received.

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I'm passionate about both my work but also the team and others around me. I try to help invest in culture and team building as much as possible. While I believe culture is created through how decisions are handled on a team or organization, I've also found that the silly team bonding exercises really do wonders bringing a team together. It was a crazy turnaround, I only had one day to edit everything together. With that being said, the memory of the reaction from my team on the first viewing is still something that warms my heart.

While I've worked with gymbals, stabilizers and focus pulling in the past, the raw nature of the camera work in The Office gave it so much charm, so we really leaned in to it.

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